Vinicius Jr affair: the Brazilian tackled by a compatriot “He’s wrong and should concentrate on his game”.



Vinicius Jr has been in the news since his red card against Valencia on Sunday May 21. And while most of the world supports the player, one of his compatriots has decided to take a stand against everyone, a position that is already provoking strong reactions, as it surprises many.

Indeed, the racist episode suffered by Brazil’s Vinicius Jr last Sunday at the Mestalla has sparked a wave of solidarity around the Madrid player. And while he has the support of many, he also has some people who are not in favor of the situation and therefore criticize the madridista. The latest detractor to contradict Vinicius is his compatriot Pintinho, a former footballer who played for Sevilla in the 1980s.

And it was in an interview with El Desmarque that Pintinho expressed his disagreement with his compatriot’s attitude and called on him to concentrate on the game and not on controversy and provocation: “I think he’s wrong and he needs to concentrate on his game. He slips up very quickly, people will provoke him and he gets involved in provocations,” Pintinho launched.

“There are competent people to make decisions, if there are some who chant and offend, it’s not Vinicius who has to face the public. A sportsman has to concentrate on his profession,” added Pintinho.

But that’s not all, as he categorically denied that Spain is a racist country. “We’re all welcome here. Madrid and Barcelona have a lot of black players. Vini is very easy to provoke, there are always people who are not presentable, in soccer and in the street. We have to overcome all that,” concluded the former Sevilla player in his interview.

Govea Agbomahena

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