Spanish Supercup: serious refereeing error revealed on Barça’s 1st goal in final against Real Madrid

Gavi courtois Carvajal Clasico


Barcelona had total control in dominating Real Madrid in a final that revealed the tactical superiority of Xavi Hernandez over Carlo Ancelotti. Since this is the second time that the Spanish technician has been fooled like a rookie. And if everyone is looking for excuses, the Catalan press has just made a revelation that goes in the direction of the White House.

Indeed, according to Mundo Deportivo, the first goal of Barça in the Supercup final, which is a masterpiece of pressing, recovery, first contact, verticality and finishing, should not be validated. As a reminder, it was following a flight of Busquets, that Dembélé, Pedri, Lewandowski knew how to play the game that was concluded to perfection by Gavi, his first goal of the season. He saves them for the best moments, like Iniesta.

This Barça goal was the result of pressure on Camavinga, who received a bad pass from Rüdiger. The German, in that 33rd minute, should have been taken off the field according to the Catalan press. Since a minute earlier he was thrown to the ground by an involuntary elbow from his teammate Courtois. Seeing that it was a blow to the head, De Burgos Bengoetxea ordered the stoppage of the match, as is mandatory, so that the defender could be taken care of by medical services.

Then two coincidences occurred that led to a goal. The referee declared a neutral rebound in favor of Madrid in the six-meter area, for Courtois to take. Strange, because the ball was on the edge of the area and was in dispute between the two teams. It was far from a clear situation of white possession. And even less so in the goalkeeper’s situation. And, second anomaly: two seconds after the ball was in play, De Burgos gave Rüdiger permission to return to the field.

According to the rules, the fourth official had to check with a “medical authority” that the player was fit to enter. It is he who must certify that he is fit, it did not happen. Good for Barça, since it was to Rüdiger that Courtois passed the ball, and still stunned, he gave it to Camavinga in a pitiful state … and the rest, until the goal of Gavi, belongs to history.

Govea Agbomahena

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