Spain: the 7 criticisms made to Luis de la Fuente after his first defeat with La Roja

Espagne les 7 reproches faits à Luis de la Fuente après sa première défaite avec la Roja


The Euro 2024 qualifiers are not going as planned by the Spanish team led by Luis de la Fuente who took the reins of the first team after the fiasco of Luis Enrique at the World Cup Qatar 2022. And if there was total euphoria at his appointment, the doubts have already begun to appear. Worse, several criticisms are already made to the Spaniard in his way of presenting his soccer.

The Roja led by Luis de la Fuente left more shadows than lights at Hampden Park in Scotland last Tuesday. And the bad news for the Spaniard is that this morning defeat reopens the debate on the state of the team and raises the first doubts, and the first is related to the little energy that this squad full of talented young players gives off.

1. Little energy: Indeed, with the exception of Joselu, who played hard, and David García, who was dignified, the rest of the Spanish players did not put the necessary intensity against an opponent who played his game as if his life depended on it. And the first remark is that the team no longer has top players and stars to decant the games, so it must run more and compensate for this surplus of talent with more momentum, which is not yet the case.

2. Lots of changes: Luis de la Fuente has made 8 changes from the team that played in Malaga. And the result is that this was not favorable to the team. It was a new team that had never played together before. There were seven players from La Liga and three from the Premier League, including Pedro Porro, who in the end only pissed off the whole of Scotland, those on the pitch, the 45,000 people in the stands and those watching at home. Since he was useless and wasted energy fighting with the opponent, whether he was right or wrong.

3. Poor ball circulation: Although Spain made twice as many passes as Scotland, they still lost two to zero, and this was because Kepa was the best and saved two more goals. Spain lacked circulation because Ceballos was playing too far away from Rodri and Merino didn’t do his job well, as he couldn’t connect with the playmaker. In the end, with the lines so far apart, the game opened up, got out of hand and turned to the Scots’ advantage.

4. Unnecessary fights: the game got heated with the play of Pedro Porro, who received a blow to the face. From then on, and thanks to McTominay’s first goal, Scotland was no longer looking to play, but to fight. And with their lack of experience, Spain went for it when they should have done the opposite. From that moment on, every corner and every action was discussed, and the rhythm and opportunities of La Roja were diluted.

5. Too many strikers and no goal: At the end of the game, Luis de la Fuente clearly admitted that the problem was the goal, since Spain created chances, but could not make them happen. Joselu, despite everything, was the best of the team with Kepa, who made two great saves.

6. Little fang: Ceballos had a good first half, but was diluted in the second. And when he came out, Spain’s chances decreased. He’s the one who plays the most soccer, but he needs people to move forward and be more vertical. He lacks fangs.

7. The central defenders are mismatched: individually, Íñigo Martínez and David García had a good game. But if we consider the central defenders as a pair, the imbalances are obvious. They let the midfielders pass twice and did not solve the second balls well, although they are not responsible for the goals, but the right backs, Porro and Carvajal, who had no chance.

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