Rubi, coach of Almeria after the victory over Barcelona: “We did an extraordinary job and we will remember it”

Rubi coach dAlmeria apres sa victoire sur le Bar

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Almeria beat Barcelona to revive its season. This is good news for coach Rubi, who let his joy escape to the microphones of Movistar+ after the game in which Xavi’s men failed to take advantage of Real Madrid’s draw against Atletico to take the lead.

On the game of his men: “For us, it is the victory that is important, we have had three consecutive defeats. Today it looked like we were going to be relegated and the best opponent arrived. We were able to block them and not leave any space”.

On the turning point of the game: “A few times I made some changes and we made other decisions. They were based on centers and we were very good. I suffered little there, I suffer more when they receive between the lines and we blocked well. We did a great job and scored the way we worked.”

On the goal: “It was a game we saw this week with Rashford. The passes were very good and El Bilal’s control was extraordinary”.

On his feelings: “We knew that the left-back was very busy and that De Jong would receive quietly. We kept him away from the goal. And on the other side, we had to do it one-on-one. Kaiky’s survival thing, with a line of six. Everything went very well, we will remember it for a long time”.

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