Red alert at Real Madrid: the situation is becoming more and more worrying for the managers

Florentino Perez


Carlo Ancelotti did not manage to look good against Xavi Hernandez in the clash of the Spanish Supercup final. Since it was the Spanish technician who won the tactical battle by inflicting a new humiliation on his Italian counterpart who is increasingly criticized, even if an eviction is not yet on the agenda.

Indeed, all the alarm bells have been rung at Real Madrid after the defeat against Barcelona (1-3) in the Spanish Supercup final. Since, if everyone is aware that the White House lost a title that could boost it, the way it did it raises many questions.

The image that the team has given has left the white officials very worried, because they have seen how Ancelotti’s men were always behind the blaugrana. And the truth is that there were already concerns in high places about the way Ancelotti’s team had behaved in recent games and these fears were realized in the final in Riyadh.

A painful defeat, as Ancelotti admitted, which could have consequences, but not now, because the Whites do not want to do anything in the heat of the moment. However, the alarm bells were sounded in the noble area of Valdebebas, but also in the locker room where Ancelotti acknowledged that the team is not well and the players also made their self-criticism for the game.

This is what Real Madrid is clinging to in order to react, to extinguish all those alarm bells that have been ringing since the return of the competition and are now at maximum volume given what the team did against Barcelona. For now, no one wants to talk about a crisis, but they recognize that the situation is worrying.

Nasrine Roux

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