Real Madrid: Zidane’s fourth son is already training with Carlo Ancelotti’s squad

Real Madrid le quatrième fils de Zidane s’entraine déjà avec le groupe de Carlo Ancelotti

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Real Madrid is looking for a solution to its left wing, since it is the sector of play in which the club does not feel most comfortable. And to overcome this problem, the Italian technician of the White House has decided to call the youngest son of the one he took the job, the French technician Zinedine Zidane.

It seems that the Zidane family wants to return to the forefront. And even if it is not the father, it seems that we will be entitled to a young man as talented as Zidane, so that now they can say that they have trained with the first team of Real Madrid. The last one being Elyaz (17 years old, Marseille), the youngest of the group, who did it this Monday, February 27, 2023, because he lived the day he was waiting for: a call from Ancelotti and direction to the Ciudad Deportiva. It goes without saying that this is a half-truth, since he was already “promoted” on December 4.

However, the nuance is that he then responded to the fact that in the absence of players from the World Cup (Qatar was hot), dozens of young players took turns to strengthen the sessions of the first team. Among them, Elyaz. But today, there are no more ifs and buts: he was promoted to full-fledged. The fact surprised, given the lack of left-backs (Mendy and Alaba are injured), the first to join the Fabrica should be Obrador, the left-hander of Castilla and author of an outstanding season. In fact, he was the great sensation of Castilla, along with Arribas and Álvaro Rodríguez.

But Ancelotti has the habit of wanting to see the players with his own eyes, Obrador has already trained half a dozen times with him and today, in an exercise of pure and simple analysis, he chose to observe the smallest of the Zidane family: Elyaz. For the record, the young boy is 17 years old, he is a left-back and has always been at Real Madrid. Specifically, since 2013, when after two seasons in Canillas, he went to Valdebebas to play with Benjamin B. From there he slowly but surely climbed: Benjamin A (2014-15), Alevín B (2015-16), Alevín A (2016-17), Infantil B (2017-18), Infantil A (2018-19), Cadete B (2019-20), Cadete A (2020-21), Juvenil C (2021-22) and now, Juvenil B (2022-23).

Step by step. He is a starter in Fran Beltrán’s schemes, being a very tall fullback (1.94 meters), with the ability to also play as a central defender. His three brothers have already trained with the first team: Enzo was under Mourinho in 2011 (he now plays at Fuenlabrada in Primera RFEF), Luca was the third goalkeeper of the team in the Decimotercera, under Zidane (he now plays at Eibar) and Theo has already trained more than once this season (he is a midfielder at Castilla). Missing in the group Elyaz, who is already a French youth international: currently U-18, but last summer he won the U-17 European Championship. A diamond that claims its place. And who knows.

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