Real Madrid: Carlo Ancelotti on his journey “I’ve won ten titles in four years, I’m signing it and so is the club”

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Real Madrid face Sevilla tomorrow, Saturday, in their penultimate LaLiga fixture. The Italian coach took advantage of the occasion to once again face the media. And to say the least, Carlo Ancelotti wasted no time in giving his views on the upcoming summer mercato and his squad.

Where does the team stand? We want to finish the season well. It’s a tough game. Our opponents are doing very well. We’re without Karim, Vinicius and Asensio. We’re going to try to do our best. We’re in a good frame of mind.”

Do you understand that in Spain there’s still no technology for goals and that there are problems with VAR, as in the Espanyol-Atlético match? The answer is: “Technology is important. With VAR, a lot of things have improved. It would be good to develop the technology. Other leagues already have it. We need to improve the use of technology. That’s obvious.”

Is it better if Vinicius doesn’t travel tomorrow? Vinicius: “He won’t travel because he can’t play. He’s had the opportunity to travel, but his knee is still bothering him. He can’t play, that’s a fact. I hope he can play the last game.”

There will be no goal technology next season, would it be good to have it? I think it would be a good thing. If it’s a money problem, it will be solved soon. I’m sure it will.”

The other day, you talked about Rodrygo’s progress and said he could still improve. What does he need to work on? Rodrygo: “He lacks continuity. To do things well. Continuity, quite simply. He needs to play a bigger role in the team.”

Will tomorrow’s match be interesting for Hazard? I’m going to put a team together to try and win. It’s going to be a very competitive team. We have some very good players. It will be a competitive match, with quality.”

Which lines would you like to strengthen for next year? We’ll do what we have to do. Don’t worry.”

What has the team lacked this season in the championship? It depends on the type of assessment. If I’m evaluating this league, I feel bad. If I’m talking about the season, it was good. If I’m talking about the two seasons, they’ve been spectacular. If I’m talking about the four years, I’d sign up for another four years with two Champions League titles, two semi-finals… I’ve won ten titles in four years. I’d sign it. Not just me, but the club too, I think.”

Is the left-back position a cause for concern? Mendy was seriously injured, which caused us some problems. First of all, we have to trust him. He’s very strong and has done very well in the past. That cost him more this year. Now we have a young player coming in who has done very well. The defense is doing well.”

How did you experience Tchouameni’s final months? It now seems that he’s the third option as a pivot after Kroos and Camavinga? The truth is that Tchouameni surprised everyone in the first half of the season. He’s very young and arrives at Real Madrid. It’s not easy for a young player. He’s taken the place of a legend like Casemiro. He did well in the first half of the season, but after the World Cup, he dropped off a bit. He’s not the third option as a pivot. But in the last nine La Liga matches, he’s played eight as a starter. He needs to adapt. He dropped off a bit in the second half, but that’s normal for a young Real Madrid player.”

Would you like to recruit a centre-forward, do you like Joselu : “We’re working on it. We’re going to work to improve the team. I don’t think it’s right to talk about names. I like Joselu, as I like other strikers. I like Aspas, Morata? Talking about Spaniards. Usually, we like strikers who score goals.”

Will Hazard play tomorrow, and would it be easier for you if he didn’t continue next year? Hazard: “I find it surprising that you don’t have the patience to wait until tomorrow. I’ve never announced a squad the day before a match. Hazard is under contract and that means he’s staying. If he’s not happy, he has to ask the club to let him go.”

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