Real Madrid: Ancelotti lays bare his plan for Vinicius Jr’s future, and a possible combination with Mbappé

Carlo Ancelotti


Carlo Ancelotti, Real Madrid’s Italian coach, was at a press conference on Saturday, March 30, 2024, ahead of tomorrow’s match against Athletic Bilbao on Sunday. It was an opportunity for the Italian to go back over some of the issues in his dressing room, but also and above all over the new face that Real Madrid could have next season.

A year ago, when Real Madrid were taking steps to recruit Jude Bellingham and the club were still in contention for the Champions League, the Italian and his coaching team were preparing for the future and finding the ideal place for the Englishman. All said and done. Today, he’s thinking about the present and the future, even if the news about Mbappé is not yet official in the club’s backrooms.

So, to anticipate the question, Carlo Ancelotti gave his point of view in a press conference: “I think Vini can play inside. Not as a centre-forward, but as part of a pair of strikers. I have to take into account the fact that he likes to play on the wing, that he’s very comfortable, that he’s made a lot of progress and that he comes into the box to play on the wing. That’s often worked for him. I want to put him where he’s most comfortable, on the left wing.

It was therefore an opportunity that the Italian technician did not miss to send two messages to the Brazilian, a player who has already shown his ability to adapt to many situations. Let’s not forget that Vinicius Jr is better on the left, but that he also plays a leading role when he’s in the box.

Nevertheless, we can’t talk about the future of the White House without mentioning players like Endrick, who will certainly be arriving on June 30. The young nugget is already showing the world his talent.This was the case last Tuesday at the Bernabeu, where he showed that he can play alongside Vinicius Jr and Rodrygo.

All three will be sharing the same dressing room next season, and will be equally present on the pitch. And if anyone was wondering, they showed that they know how to play together perfectly, and did so during the 26 minutes they played together.

As for Kylian Mbappé’s likely arrival at Real Madrid next summer, Carlo Ancelotti sees him not as a problem, but rather as a solution.Because his system allows for constant permutation of players when it comes to attacking.Movement is part of the scheme, and it’s not uncommon to see Vini and Rodrygo teaming up in attack at any given moment.

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