Mercato: away from Real Madrid, Zidane finds a new top European club

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The return of Zidane in competition has been expected for a long time. And if everyone hoped for it with the French national team, it will not be the case, since Didier Deschamps has been extended. Now his future is in a club, and he has already found a top one to resume service, away from Madrid of course.

Zidane has long been solicited by the European giants. And if the Frenchman had always declined any proposal, it is because he had in a corner of his head that he could take the French team after the World Cup Qatar 2022. But unfortunately, things did not go as he hoped, and he will have to relaunch himself at the club if he wants to find the taste of competition. And this is what is about to happen, because he is already announced in a top European club.

In fact, last November, Massimiliano Allegri was presented by John Elkann as the sporting reference point for Juventus after the upheaval of the management team. And the result is that the coach who was reviled has responded with a beautiful series of victories. In total eight consecutive victories without conceding a goal. Wins, however, that came without shining practically, and showing limits that in Napoli caused a historic shock. This could have consequences.

Since the contract of the coach that runs until 2025 prevents any imminent change, but Allegri will have to change the course of the season in its second phase. The humiliations in the Champions League and the humiliation of Maradona have disappointed the club, which has not conceded five goals in Serie A for 30 years. The desire of the club is to continue with the Italian, because it would mean growth in the coming months and avoid spending between 60 and 90 million more.

For La Gazzetta dello Sport, this would be the price to pay to sign the two coaches prized in Turin to start a new cycle: Zinedine Zidane and Antonio Conte. The former is still free and his return to his former country has been considered for years, while the latter has not yet renewed his commitment to Tottenham. It would be a huge investment at a difficult time, but Juve is starting to make its calculations, because next season will be the beginning of another era, and a revolution with Zidane is considered.

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