Guardiola on the Vinicius affair: “I’m not very optimistic about Spain. They’re very strict here”.

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Pep Guardiola faced the media on Friday May 26, 2023. It was an opportunity for him to comment on the two finals in the offing for Manchester City, but also and above all on the Vinicius Jr affair, which is constantly making the headlines. And on the subject, the Spaniard didn’t mince his words.

Racist abuse of Vinicius: “They should (learn from the Premier League in LaLiga). They’re very strict here. They know what they have to do. It’s a problem everywhere… Thinking we’re better than our neighbors, that we’re better than each other. For all generations and everywhere. Our ancestors came from emigration, from wars, from dictators and had to leave their country. They start families there and return to where they were born. The problem is that racism is everywhere.

Not just in Spain with Vinicius Jr. Not just because of gender, but also because of color. To believe that our language is better than the other, that our country is better than the other? We have to accept diversity as human beings, but right now we’re a long way from that. I’m not very optimistic, especially knowing Spain, and I don’t think it’s going to happen. …. A lot of black people are coming forward to defend what they shouldn’t be defending. Let’s hope justice will prevail.”

FA Cup and Champions League finals: “In my experience, the best way to play a final is to switch off as much as possible. Even our physios and cooks need to switch off. They work here for ten hours, it’s a stressful time. So, “go to your families, play golf, do whatever you want”. You have to train a little, but exactly as we did for the final. I go to my family. I’m not forgetting soccer, but… Family time, good restaurants… Whatever you do, everything’s fine. Now it’s just a question of relaxing my mind as much as possible and getting on with the game.

The team to use for each final: “I have a plan for Manchester United or Inter. We need to prepare differently. I need to see how many players I have, and whether they’re fit. After seeing Manchester United yesterday, I’m really impressed. Anyway, I’d be cautious, but after yesterday and the last few games, we’ll prepare as best we can.”

Inter Milan: “I’d say I saw a bit last week, but not this week. I’m more focused on Manchester United. I saw the Chelsea game and I’ve started to review what they did. I’m preparing for this game and seeing what players we have.”

Brentford: “They (the players) know where we stand. The fact that we’re three-time Premier League champions

Adama Touré

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