Cavani: “If they punish me for hitting the VAR, the referee should be put in jail”



Edinson Cavani is still making news after his scene at the World Cup Qatar 2022 after the elimination of Uruguay in the group stage. And if the player could be punished for his gesture, the latter has already taken his own defense by putting the referee of the meeting the German Daniel Siebert in front of his responsibilities for his performance.

Indeed, on December 5, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee opened a procedure against Edinson Cavani, as well as his teammates José María Giménez (he hit a FIFA official with his arm at the end of the match), Diego Godín and Fernando Muslera (for their protests to the referee), at the end of the match against Ghana on December 2. And if the decision is expected, the Uruguayan believes that he will not be punished, because his gesture is of less importance compared to the refereeing of the German Daniel Siebert. At least that is what he admitted in an interview with El Larguero on Cadena Ser.

On a possible sanction: “It worries me (a possible sanction). Yes, of course, it worries me, because it would mean being out of competitions with my teammates, my club and my national team. I’m worried about that. But these things happen. But you have to look at the side of the footballer, not just the referee and so on, but the side of the footballer to see what happened, why it happened and why things happened the way they did,” he said in comments reported by EFE.

On his reaction, “It’s good that we have to maintain our conduct and so on, but we are human beings and when sometimes things that happen on a field are lived with passion and you work so hard to get there and compete and this and that and you have to live these situations, as it is not the first time we have to live them, it may also be that the reaction of a player inside can be, not justified, but a little more forgiven, “he added.

Finally, Cavani admitted that hitting the VAR monitor as he did “are things that you don’t do. But sometimes in soccer, certain things and certain helplessnesses lead you to react and certain things that sometimes escape you because of the adrenaline that we have, the euphoria that we have at that moment, and we make mistakes, “he said.

Adama Touré

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