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Qatar 2022: Erdogan “Cristiano Ronaldo was the victim of a political veto at the World Cup”

Cristiano Ronaldo's performance at the Qatar 2022 World Cup with Portugal continues to make people talk. And this time, it is the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who spoke out on the subject showing his

Qatar 2022: a lawyer offers a million dollars to Lionel Messi for the bisht (the Arab dress)

The Qatar 2022 World Cup continues to keep us in suspense. And this time, it's not the competition anymore, but rather the information that refers to it. And the least we can say is that

Qatar 2022: the Argentinians respond to the petition of the French to replay the final “If there was no Mbappé … “

Argentina and France are engaged in a new duel after the final of the world cup. Since one as the other does not stop responding to comments. And the latest from the French is a

Qatar 2022: supported by FIFA, Marciniak referee of the final, answers curtly to the French complaints

The final of the World Cup won by Argentina is still in the ink. And it is especially from the French side that it comes, since they complain about the arbitration of the Polish Szymon

Qatar 2022: the French demand that the World Cup final be replayed because of refereeing errors

The Qatar 2022 World Cup continues to make talk on the eve of the resumption of the European Championships. And it is always the French who are making themselves heard. Since if Dibu Martinez was

Qatar 2022: after Mbappé, Dibu Martinez attacks Tchouameni “I knew he would be nervous…”

Dibu Martinez is the one who is making news lately. Since the goalkeeper of Argentina does not miss an opportunity to attack the French players he met in the final of the World Cup. And

Lionel Messi on the crowd that welcomed the Albiceleste in Argentina: “Do not try to understand”

Argentina is the world champion and some still can not accept it. A situation to which the Pulga reacted on social media. Since the latter is well confident, and knows that his love for his

Qatar 2022: France asks FIFA to investigate the actions of the Argentinians

The Argentina of Lionel Messi has celebrated very well his title of world champion. Only that during this celebration, the actions of Lionel Messi's teammates have indignant many, a situation that Bruno Le Maire, French

Qatar 2022: the girls who disappeared for having undressed in Lusail after the triumph of Argentina resurface

The final of the World Cup Qatar 2022 left us with beautiful images like those of the Argentinean supporters who decided to remove their shirts after the victory of the Albiceleste. A situation that is

Qatar 2022: Kylian Mbappé’s invigorating speech at halftime of the final that sparked the revolt

Kylian Mbappé is one of the actors who have bluffed everyone during the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Even better, the Frenchman managed to score a historic hat-trick in the final, which makes him a little

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